A controlled fire is extremely dangerous, and it worsens if the fire becomes wild and free, devouring everything on its way. In as little as two minutes, a house fire can turn into a life-threatening disaster. This is why you need to prevent a house fire from causing more damages and save your life, if not your things.

According to FEMA, thousands of Americans die in fire-related incidents and billions of properties were lost each year. Also, the heat and the smoke cause more harm and deaths compared to the fire itself.

There are many ways to restore your house like hiring a fire damage restoration Colorado and other services after the fire. However, it is still practical to try to prevent the fire from getting larger and larger to avoid destroying the whole house into ashes, and of course, to have more chances of saving lives.

The following are the tips and tricks

1. Use your fire extinguisher

If yu hear a fire alarm, immediately go to your fire extinguisher as it simple act can greatly prevent the fire form progressing. However, if the fire extinguisher cannot solve the problem, go away and run from the area. Do not attempt further effort to stop the fire.

Fire extinguishers are very important and so it is necessary to have at least one in your house. Also, make sure that each member knows how to use the fire extinguisher.

2.Raise an alarm

It is very important that you raise an alarm to make the fire known to people inside the vicinity. One of the most secure ways is to scream out loud as some alarm and detector might malfunction due to several reasons.

3. Do not forget to call 911

Even if everyone has run away and is safe, it is still important to kill the fire completely and you can do that by asking for help from 911.

4. Save your life, and leave valuables behind

Unlike floods, fire is wild, and so it is impractical to try to save some valuable things like cash, documents, and some papers while there is still a fire. It is better to run away after the effort of extinguishing has been futile.

5. Stop, drop and roll

There are times when we get so unfortunate and we get caught by the fire. However, there is no help if you panic. When your clothes catch fire, ti is better to simply drop to the floor, and roll over your back to kills the fire. Remember to always crawl and remain close to the ground to avoid exposing yourself to high temperatures. Always stay low until you completely escape the house.

6.Cover your nose

As mentioned, there are more casualties that the smoke causes than the fire itself. Damp a towel or any clothes during a house fire, this will help you prevent smoke from entering your lungs.

Final thoughts

Prevention is always a better answer for every calamity and incident we experience. This is why it is better to equip your house fast with necessary tools like the fire extinguisher to avoid certain incidents to happen. Also, avoid playing too much with fire; It bites.