When you come up to do some sort of home renovation, space is more often the number one topic that occur during home makeover. And to be more specific, how to maximize space in a shared closet is the top among all.  

Shared Storage

Certainly, we would always want each corner of our home to look tidy and neat and store away as much as we possibly can. And a closet space can actually become a small piece of an issue, for the reason most couples or families share the same or at least single closet. 

Many of the families and couple have approached an expert from Custom Closets St. Pete with regards to sharing closet and how to maximize the space. And sharing a closet is absolutely possible and doable. 

So before handling that shared closet, here are some tips that will aid you in maximizing the closet space that will not just satisfy you but all the parties sharing the same space. 

If you are a couple that’s sharing the master closet, or whether your kids are also going to share the same space then you might want to consider to start with maximizing the space, make the most out of the closet space. By doing so, everyone’s sharing the same space knows what exactly they have to deal with. And the best way to perform this is by utilizing the vertical spaces. 

It is common that most of the couples would want to hang the clothes as well add shelves for the bags and shoes, so by going vertical you will be able to make room intended for a closet island.  

But it you are not sure on how and where to start, you can schedule an appointment with St. Pete Custom Closets for assistance and professional help.   

Another thing you might want to do in order to maximize a shared closet space is to talk to each other. It is important that you understand the need of the person whom you will be sharing the space and vice versa. Then for there you can plan how to divide the space accordingly. Let you partner know what your priorities are, this will certainly make much an easier storage space in a long period of time. 

The next step to do is to organize your closet together, while doing so you will learn and realize that one of you has actually more necessities than of the other. By this being considered, you can decide what set up is more efficient and will work for the both of you. And as for the layout, when you’re both doing it together then respect the chip in ideas of one another it is imperative that you are both satisfied with the layout, as certainly it will save you both potential headaches in the future.   

In addition to this, you surely would not want your stuff to scatter in the closet and having your stuff mixed with your partner’s stuff. So always label your storage, this will help in keeping things in order, especially for those who don’t have a kind or type A personality.